Personal Money Management with Adrienne Smith The burden of financial responsibility has shifted enormously in recent years. From managing money, planning for retirement and protecting your personal credit record, how you manage money has significant life consequences. In this talk, participants will learn how to develop a positive relationship with money, become an expert at cutting costs, planning and achieving financial goals. The talk will also provide top money tips and guide attendees on the best financial resources.

About Adrienne

Adrienne’s passion for number crunching began in 1998 when she was appointed as an US Tax Consultant for ESS; now In 2000she moved to The Netherlands and began working with a well established business in the hospitality sector. Her duties included payroll and accounting for the companies incomings and outgoings. She founded Corporate Wellness in 2015 and naturally fell into the role of Chief Financial Officer. All her experience has given her a deep understanding of why it is so important to fully engage with our finances and take back control before they take control of us